• Visiting Speaker Prof. Jerry White held a workshop for the FVS graduate students on academic publishing on Sept, 2015. Here is the hand-out from that workshop. And here is the Audio recording of the Proseminar, which has much more information than the hand-out.
  • Here is an in-depth article by Thom Brooks with clear directions for graduate students wanting to break into publishing.

Please note as well that Harvard faculty are not great about encouraging graduate students to publish. However, jobs and postdocs are won by having peer-review publications. These publications often take up to three years to get to print. It will also take anywhere from 3-12 months to hear back from the journal's reviewers to see if you've even been accepted. And so, it is a very good idea to start aiming in 4th or definitely by the 5th year to send something to a peer-reviewed journal. Then, ideally, you will have that on your CV by the time you are facing graduation.

Also - peer review is an excellent way to get the kind of feedback that is difficult to find in our program. Even if you have a piece rejected, you will get invaluable detailed responses on what may be a chapter or simply something you can revise and resubmit. 

Journal List - subdivided by FVS-relevant fields

This list is comprised of peer-review journals, and is meant to be a guide for students both researching and considering options for publication. (A handful of these are no longer published, and are thus more useful for research.) NB: It's actually quite difficult to tell if some of these journals are peer-review. If you discover one has been incorrectly added to the list, feel free to remove it or label it as such. 

Visual Studies / Art History

Critical Theory

Sound Studies

Film and Media Studies