List of Roles/Jobs for FVS Students

There are a number of roles within FVS' PhD program that need to manned by students each year. These roles are necessary for the functioning of the department, and also provide those all important line-items for the Academic Service portion of your CV! The roles are:  

GSC Representative: 

The Graduate School Council representative needs to attend at least two of the three meeting of the GSC each semester. Attendance is tracked through a sign-up sheet. Pizza is served, and these meetings are an interesting way to see the broader workings of the graduate school of Harvard. This role is crucially important; attendance at these meetings is required for the FVS students to have access to GSC funding for conferences and summer travel. See:

This position is usually held by a G1 or G2 for the length of a semester, and the representative is responsible for organizing the next student to take over.

Past holders: Basically, everyone.


FVS Workshop Coordinator:

This individual works with Prof. Rentschler to assist with the planning of the monthly FVS workshop meetings. The duties of this job include:

  • Managing the email list to deliver and pertinent information to workshop members
  • Updating the course website with any announcements and necessary materials
  • Inviting graduate students to present their work at the meetings. This often requires some gentle encouraging and multiple asks.
  • Purchasing and delivering food and drinks for the meetings (coordinate with Emily Amendola about the purchasing protocols).

Prof. Rentschler chooses the representative, who usually serves for the length of the year. The role is traditionally done by a G2 or G3.

Past holders: Olivia Crough, Caufield Schnug, Kate Rennebohm, Katie Kohn, Joana Pimenta, Becca Voelker


*Related Task Concerning Program Visitors: this can be done by anyone, but it is a good idea to have it attached to one of the regular jobs, so - the FVS Workshop Coordinator should be cognizant of the following:

FVS and VES has wonderful guest teachers every year. These have included figures who teach undergraduate VES production courses (Chantal Akerman, Athina Rachel-Tsangari, Guy Maddin, Philippe Grandrieux) or critical studies courses (Laura Mulvey, J. Hoberman, Dennis Lim, Richard Peña). Often, graduate students do not get a chance to meet these individuals unless we organize a social meeting of some kind with them. This a great tradition and should be continued! There are usually funds available for food, drinks, or a group outing - consult with Emily or Prof. Rentschler.

All of the above also applies to the impressive collection of individuals that the HFA brings in every year. Being able to take advantage of this requires fore-knowledge of the visitors (the HFA programs come out late), so feel free to talk to David Pendleton or Haden Guest about the upcoming Archive season. In the past, we have done things like invite Joshua Oppenheimer or Claire Denis to speak to the graduate students.


Screen Studies Workshop Coordinator(s): 

 These individuals are responsible for designing events fulfilling the Screen Studies' Workshop mandate. The duties of this position include:

  • Determining how the workshop's budget will be spent over the course of the year
  • All administrative duties related to treasury and expenses 
  • Completing the application to renew the supporting grant for the following year, which is due: ??

This position is usually filled by two individuals, and the term of service lasts the academic year.

Past holders: Lindsey Lodhie and Stephanie Lam, Brandon Evans, Dan D'Amore, Caufield Schnug


Faculty Representative:

This individual is responsible for attending the monthly faculty meetings. The duties of this job include:

  • Connecting with Emily Amendola to learn of the time and location of the upcoming meeting, and notify her of anything that needs to be put on the meeting's agenda.
  • Emailing and speaking with the graduate students to collect any points of concern (or affirmation*) to be brought forward at the faculty meeting. Often, you will have to augment the list by drawing from your own experiences and discussions with students throughout the semester. 
  • Deliver these points to the faculty during the meeting. In addition to introducing points, this often includes checking on the status of long-term projects. Knowing the projected completion time for long-term projects and which faculty or administrative member is responsible for them is a good idea here.
  • *The other element of your presentation to the faculty will be updating them on any grad student activities or other pertinent information related to our group (for example, conference organization progress)     
  • Typing up the pertinent information or minutes from the meeting, and delivering this information, in a timely manner, to the graduate students. This is absolutely necessary to maintaining FVS's reputation as an active and informed graduate student group!
  • Generally, making sure any administrative work that the graduate students need to complete is being done (which would likely mean organizing meetings to this end). 
  • Making sure all of the various graduate student roles listed here have been covered, by mid-September.

This role is traditionally filled by a G3 or G4, and is decided between the graduate students. Usually, the term of service is one semester. *It is a good idea to have the same student attend at least two meetings in a row, to maintain continuity of projects and knowledge.

Past holders: Dan D'Amore, Kate Rennebohm, Stephanie Lam, Joana Pimenta, Lindsey Lodhie, Caufield Schnug


Social Coordinator: 

This is an informal role, open to anyone who feels like taking it on at a certain time! It is however, very important. Harvard is crazy-making, and it is absolutely necessary to socialize and get out of the library/your apartment every once in a while. As such, FVS makes $500 available to us each year as social money (for which you would coordinate with Emily to access). We have used this money for various things in the past, including:

  • Funding a road-trip to MASS MoCA and overnight stay, which was awesome.  
  • Purchasing drinks and snack for FVS house parties.
  • Buying fancy drinks for the group at a bar.

And while this is an informal role, we've included it here because it does require work! Booking airbnbs and organizing transportation and scheduling is hard, but makes a huge difference to the feel of the program, and is always appreciated!  Is there a show happening in NY you want to see? Make it happen! Be a social coordinator today - your PhD program needs you!


Conference Coordinator(s):

These individuals are responsible for over-seeing the organization of our bi-annual conference, and coordinating the remaining graduate students for the purposes of this event. Duties here include (but are not limited to):

  • Working with any interested FVS students to determine the loose topic for the conference, and a short list of possible Keynote speakers, by the end of the school year of the year prior to the conference year.
  • Assign roles and tasks to various graduate students, ensuring everything is covered (see Conference documentation section).
  • Ensure all tasks are progressing according to schedule (see Conference doc section)
  • Ensure all pertinent information, including meeting minutes, is communicated to graduate students and conference organization team.  
  • Maintain and update documentation for the organizational processes. 

While everyone pitches in to make these conferences happen, the main organizing committee for the conference usually shakes out to about three people (the captains at the head of the boat!), and are usually G3s or G4s. This role is a lot of work, and shouldn't be taken on lightly. The length of service is approx. one year (from March-ish the previous year to the end of the conference wrap-up the following Spring).  

Past holders: Lindsey Lodhie, Stephanie Lam, Kate Rennebohm, Caufield Schnug, Brandon Evans, Dan D'Amore


Dissertation Workshop Coordinator

A rotating position - a new member of the workshop takes this position for each monthly meeting. Duties include:

  • Polling members to determine best meeting time during the third week of the month
  • Determining any additional elements of the meeting structure (work to be prepared in advance, samples to be sent, etc), collecting and distributing this material with time for adequate preparation
  • Organizing refreshments