Important Program Requirement Dates

Second Year: 

May 30th: Finalize your three committee members for the General Exam

May 30th: Finalize your History and Theory Reading lists

Third Year:

September 30th: Finalize your Special Topic List with your Special Topic Supervisor

Early March: Turn in completed Qualifying Paper to supervisors.

Mid-to-late March/Early April: Complete written and oral portions of General Exams

May: Complete all remaining language and course requirements (must be completed prior to prospectus approval) 

Fourth Year:

Oct 15th: Turn in you Prospectus and confirm Dissertation Committee *Double-check

Mid-October: Discuss Prospectus with committee, to ensure you have received approval

Prospectus approval onward: you will need to complete one chapter a year to maintain status of good standing within the program. 

Prior to Final Year:

Mid-January: Turn in two chapters to your committee, in order to receive approval for the Dissertation Completion Fellowship.

Mid-February: Apply for Dissertation Completion Fellowship, or related awards (see Grants and Other Opportunities Page)

Final Year:

Please see this document for detailed information regarding dissertation submission dates and guidelines, as well as information about the oral exam.