Grant & Other Opportunity Dates

The dates listed here are drawn from 2015-16, and are only meant to give you a sense of the breakdown of application dates throughout the year. Make sure you confirm all dates with Emily or on the GSAS or GSC websites.

The awards and grants listed here are only the most common ones within FVS. There are many more awards on the GSAS Fellowships Website (here), and you should make sure you are searching out any that might apply to you. Any further information about the awards described below can also be found on the GSAS website.

The Merit Fellowship, Summer Predissertation Fellowship, and Summer School Tuition Waivers are all very competitive. If you want to win one of these awards, you should complete the first draft of your award at least a month prior to the due date. Then, make an appointment with Cynthia Verba in the GSAS Fellowships Office to have her look at your application. Plan to do at least three or four more drafts of the application, and have at least three or four more appointments with Cynthia. Listen to her - she knows what she's talking about!



Throughout the year: FVS conference funding - application due to Emily 4 weeks prior to conference date ($500, for accountable expenses only)

October 14: GSC's Fall Conference Grant Deadline ($750, for accountable expenses only)

November 16: FVS deadline for Harvard Graduate Travelling Fellowships 

January 29: Merit Fellowships/Term Time Research Award Application Due to FVS (provides 2/5ths equivalent pay for one semester, or ~$16,000)

January 29: GSAS Graduate Society Summer Predissertation Fellowships Due to FVS ($3000, meant to go to a pre-prospectus G1, G2, or G3)

January 29: Harvard Summer School Tuition Waivers for Language courses Due to FVS (allows access to Harvard's prohibitively expensive summer language courses)

February 10: GSC's Winter Conference Grant Deadline ($750, for accountable expenses only)

February 12: GSAS Dissertation Completion Fellowship, and related grants, Deadline (~$26,800 plus tuition and health fees at $6,200)

April 10: Fulbright-Hays Competition Due

April 15: GSC's Spring Conference Grant Deadline ($750, for accountable expenses only)

April 15: GSC's Summer Research Grant Deadline ($1000)


*Again, always confirm these dates!